20091003oldbooks_2 The purpose of the International Health Evaluation and Promotion Association (IHEPA) is to foster, on a worldwide basis, programs for the improvement of health care through the advancement of both conventional means and computer based testing and evaluation techniques and the refinement of associated data processing systems and biomedical devices. (By "health care" we mean both sick and preventive medical care.) Such purpose is to be implemented by:


  1. The free interchange of information among users and suppliers of both conventional health appraisal facilities and Automated Multiphasic Health Testing (AMHT) systems and components thereof.
  2. The organizing of professional meetings for the discussion of medical results, operational techniques, new applications, and cost effectiveness data.
  3. The development of quality control criteria and standards.
  4. The development and implementation of mechanisms for the gathering and analysis of medical, statistical, and financial results of both automated health testing operations and conventional health appraisal facilities.
  5. The development and implementation of a code of ethics and of a set of associated standards and guidelines for manufacturers, users, planners, and programmers of automated health testing systems.
  6. The development of position papers, resolutions, and statements to express the sentiments of the IHEA relative to policies, practices, and legislation that may affect the interests of the Membership.
  7. The education of the public and the medical profession on the purpose, value, and scope of automated health testing and clinical preventive medicine.
  8. The development of programs with educators, medical schools, and student organizations aimed at the inclusion of clinical preventive medicine and automated health testing theory and practice in educational curricula.
  9. The development of any and all other programs consistent with the Association's dedicated purpose.


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